Batscan Customers

All our customers share the common trait of the emphasis they place on operational reliability, and realizing that battery monitoring is an important factor for this to be achieved.

A selection of Batscan’s proud customers/users:

Facebook – Data Centers in Europe

Equinix – Data Center

Oslo Universitetssykehus
Rikshospitalet – Oslo universitetssykehus – Scandinavia’s largest hospital in Oslo, Norway

Södersjukhuset – Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden

TV4 (Media) – TV4 is Sweden’s largest advertising-financed TV channel.

Ericsson – Telecommunication

Tre – Mobile Telecommunication

Telia – Telia IT-service is a unit within Telia that offers computer power for other companies. More than 1000 servers are placed in a bomb proof, EMI-shielded, shelter. With helicopter turbine engines powering the generators and Batscan monitoring the UPS-batteries, this is one of the safest server sites in Sweden.

Swedavia Airports
Swedavia Airports – Göteborg-Landvetter Airport, Malmö-Sturup Airport and Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

Luftfartsverket ATCC (Air Traffic Control) – Every year, it is estimated that approx. 1 million aircraft movements are processed by ATCC at Arlanda and Sturup. The flight plans are primarily monitored by radio, radar and satellite. Back-up power and battery UPS protection are essential in maintaining aircraft safety.

Scandinavian Airlines System (Airline Operators) – SAS AB is the Nordic region’s largest listed airline and travel group. The SAS Group offers air transport and related services from its base in Northern Europe.

nasdaq nordic
Nasdaq Nordic (OMX) (Bank & Finance) – Nasdaq Nordic is the integrated Nordic and Baltic marketplace, offering customers access to approximately 80 percent of the Nordic and Baltic security markets and includes the stock exchanges in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

Investor (Bank & Finance) – Investor AB is an industrial holding company with offices in Stockholm, New York, Hong Kong, Palo Alto, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Investor also conducts private equity activities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Alfred Berg
Alfred Berg (Bank & Finance) – Alfred Berg is one of the leading Nordic investment banks.

Riksgäldskontoret (Bank & Finance) – The Swedish National Debt Office (Riksgäldskontoret) is the treasury of the Swedish central government, with mandate to manage debt, provide cash management and issue guarantees.

Swedish Armed Forces (Military) – Batscan is being used by the Swedish Army, Navy and Air Force.

Sveriges Television
SVT (Media) – Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish public service television company.

Dagens Nyheter
Dagens Nyheter (Media) – One of the biggest daily newspapers in Sweden.

Expressen (Media) – One of the biggest evening newspapers in Sweden.

IBM – When choosing a outsource partner, companies give priority to those who can guarantee high reliability in the form of back-up and uninterrupted power. This demands constant monitoring of each and every battery cell.

AT&T (Telecommunication) – Strategic central offices must be able to operate without utility power for 48 hours. For the very highest reliability, this operation is usually based exclusively on batteries whose cells are constantly monitored with Batscan.