Batscan Advanced Battery Monitoring System

The safe way to monitor your batteries.

All batteries comprises a number of interconnected cells. The battery voltage increases with the number of cells that are connected in series, but the number of cells in series also increases two risk factors:

  • High voltage implies increased risk for personal injury and flash-over that can cause explosion or other damage to the battery.
  • Large cell count increases the risk for an open-cell condition and thereby power failure.

The only possibility to detect a fault in the battery before it can cause a power failure is by continously monitor each battery cell (or goup of cells). However, this must be done without introducing any additional risk factors.
Rikshospitalet Oslo med Batscan
Batscan is a monitoring system specially developed to monitor high voltage UPS-batteries in a safe way.

Batscan’s unique proprietary technology which includes advanced signal processing, makes it possible to achive high performance and fuctionality, whithout having any direct (low impedance) connection to the battery.

Each individual battery cell or block is continuously monitored for faults or any abnormality that may affect the reliability or lifetime of the battery.

The monitoring system samples all string currents and block voltages simultaneously at high speed, 2 500 000 new measured values are processed every minute. The high speed gives superior accuracy and resolution, both in time and amplitude.

The Batscan software runs on a standard PC (with Windows OS) that provides post processing power, hard disk storage and a user friendly graphical interface as well as connectivity to networks and other alarm and automation systems.
Batscan programme
No direct connection is made to the battery, instead high value resistors (2MO) is used to isolate the measuring leads from the battery terminals. In addition, double reinforced isolation is provided by high voltage transformers.

This extra high level of protection and safety, which exceeds the requirements of all regulatory directives, is implemented to protect the battery from accidental discharge under all circumstances.

Benefits (of having a good battery monitoring system)

  • Ensures battery reliability by detecting faults without latency
  • Saves the worlds environment and optimizes the owners battery economy by allowing for replacement of faulty cells as soon as needed, and not the rest of the battery until worn out

Advantages (of Batscan)

  • Safe for people and batteries
  • High accuracy due to simultaneous sampling at high speed
  • Modular design, easy to install, expand and maintain
  • User friendly Windows based software
  • Up to 15 batteries per PC (limited by GUI readability)
  • Unattended operation (when connected to another alarm system)
  • Unmatched overall performance and safety

Typical Applications

  • UPS batteries
  • Telecom batteries
  • Electric Utility/Switchgear
  • Railroad Signal
  • Submarines
  • … and all other batteries with four or more cell/blocks in series